Olhos de Água
Directions - Rua dos Pescadores 3, Olhos de Água, 8200-634 Albufeira
Distance from the Hotel - 4.5 km (10 min.)

Small fishing town, its name comes from the many existing freshwater springs on the beach, by and in into the sea. The name of the beach relates to the geological phenomenon of the freshwater springs. The rain waters and the water lines infiltrate upwind (to the north of the Olhos de Água beach) through the rocks, running underground, from north to south, down to the coast. 

When it reaches the coast, the water springs to the surface, forming the well-known and curious "water eyes". On the beach, these "eyes" are most visible during low tide. The Phoenician, Carthaginian and Roman people settled next to these freshwater springs, fishing and developing the salting and drying of fish, which spread across the Algarve coast.

Traces of salting tanks of the Roman period were recently found in the neighbouring beaches of Maria Luísa and Santa Eulália. 

Albandeira beach
Directions - Albandeira beach, Vale de Engenhos, Lagoa
Distance from the Hotel - 34 km (40 min.)

The beach is small and is divided by a rocky outcrop that leads to recesses and shelters, often used by bathers, as well as beautiful natural pools. From the cliffs surrounding the beach, its possible to see the sea’s force in shaping the rocks, forming ample sapas and caves. The typical calcified environment of this stretch of coast offers ideal living conditions for many animals, especially bats and seabirds. Seagulls, cranes, hawks, swifts and cormorants can be easily seen in this landscape.

Buraco beach
Directions - Lagoa Buraco beach
Distance from the Hotel - 30 km (40 min.)

This small beach is located on a small corner of the cliff. Its name comes fom the easy access to the beach, done through a hole dug in the rock, ornamented with rounded pebbles, in the interior part of the beach. If you’re a good swimmer, you can easily get around the tips of the cliff and access the nearby beaches. This is the ideal place for those seeking a little more privacy.

Algar Seco
Directions - Estrada do Algar Sêco 16 Carvoeiro
Distance from the Hotel - 39 km (40min.)

East of Carvoeiro Beach is a set of natural caves carved by the wind and by the power of the sea, called Algar Seco - a real symbol of this town. Following the path carved into the rocks, you can observe the fishermen on the slopes, looking at the horizon trying to catch fresh fish. From up above, it’s possible to admire the extraordinary beauty of the area in all its splendour.

Gruta do Coração (Algar Seco)
The “Cave of the Heart” is a large cave also known as "Cave of Paradise”, comprising numerous fossils. At the end of the cave we can also find a small sandy beach bathed by the sun.

Arcos da Praia da Marinha
Directions - Marinha Porches beach, Lagoa
Distance from the Hotel - 34 km (40 min.)

Arriving at the famous Marinha Beach, we can find the “Marinha Beach Arches", along which there are still the remains of a sunken ship. 

The Marinha Beach is one of the most beautiful and emblematic beaches of Portugal, considered by the Michelin Guide as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe and one of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world. It also became the promotional image of “Guia de Portugal” distributed all over the world.

This beach has become well known not only for its beautiful cliffs, but also for the high quality of its crystal clear water.

Catedral – Access through Marinha beach
The "Cathedral" is one of the largest and most beautiful caves. To reach it, you have to cross the Arches of Marinha Beach, by boat. Here, we find cyrstal clear waters in shades of green. An idyllic place. 

Gruta dos dois olhos – Access through Marinha beach
This cave, just outside the Carvalho beach, is called “The Cave of Two Eyes”, due to the two top openings. Accessible only by boat. 

Carvalho beach

Directions - Rua de Algarve Clube Atlântico H15, Lagoa
Distance from the Hotel - 35 km (40 min.)

As we enter this dark cave, we are subject to a multitude of sensations caused by the odours, the fresh breeze, the green of the ceiling and the fossils in the walls. Carvalho Beach was once a private beach. Accessible only by boat. 

Benagil beach
Directions: Benagil - Benagil Carvoeiro beach
Distance from the Hotel - 41 km (40 min.)

Located in Benagil, accessible by sea or swimming (over 800 metres), it’s one of the world’s most photographed caves and shared on social media. It's an amazing geological formation with an impressive feature: a hole on the top and a hidden beach inside. 

This corner of almost primitive nature is protected by a high cliff. It is sought after by its high quality, clear waters, as well as for its marine wealth and biodiversity. This beach is next to the internationally famous Marinha beach. 

Ponta da Piedade
Directions - Ponta da Piedade Lighthouse Lagos
Distance from the Hotel - 68 km (60 min.)

2 kilometres away from Lagos, in Costa d’Oiro, Ponta da Piedade has several caves, unknown bays and calm beaches and it is particularly attractive when seen from the sea. 

A long and narrow staircase leads to a small cove, where picturesque boats wait for visitors wishing to explore this natural paradise.

Within walking distance of the coast line there are several islets with slopes where it is common to find nests of Hawks-Pilgrims, Crows, Rooks Grey-necked, Swifts and Swiftlets Real Pale, as well as a colony of White Herons and Carraceiros.

For those who have the strength to climb the 182 steps can enjoy, from the top of the lighthouse, the view to the promontory that received the name of Ponta da Piedade, setting the limit between land and sea.

During this stroll, you can also observe the Ponta da Bandeira Fortress and the sand dune of Cais da Solaria where, in times, was located the fish market. 

Right after that, there is a succession of small beaches: Homens, Estudantes, Caldeira, Pinhão (here a monumental stone staircase, "made by the military in the Salazar era"), then the most famous, repeatedly named the most beautiful in the world: The Cave of Love.

Access by land:
 from the Lighthouse of Ponta da Piedade and then walk through the stairs carved into the hillsides.

Access by sea: in the marina of Lagos, you can find trips for Ponta da Piedade, done in sailing boat or in small fishing boats.

Tour to the caves of Lagos
There are four points of departure for tours in traditional boats: Ponta da Piedade, Dona Ana beach, the dock next to the Ponta da Bandeira Fortress and Avenida dos Descobrimentos (floating dock in front of the Riverfront car parking).

The trip lasts about 45 minutes (each boat takes four people). Currently, there are several companies with activities along Costa d’Oiro and Ponta da Piedade Caves. The kayak tours leave from Cais da Solaria and last for 3 hours. As for the larger boats, with a maximum capacity of 12 people, these depart from the Marina of Lagos.